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SubjNo Peace Possible
Gerrit Kuehn wrote to Ward Dossche on Thursday April 26 2018 at 21:23:

WD>> I don't know of any decent ISP which doesn't keep several generations
WD>> of back-ups of its servers. Out-here (Europe, Belgium) there's a
WD>> requirement to keep a log with emails and after some time ISP's still
WD>> need to keep a log of date/time/from/to/subject for up to 30 years.
WD>> The technology was developed by an Israeli security company (I helped
WD>> install it).

GK> How come we have legislation explicitely forbidding this, and all
GK> providers I know of report to store for something between 0 and 180
GK> days? And what "technology" should be needed to do that, anyway? You
GK> just store it (ignoring the laws).

Laws on this point are different in all the EU countries. Gerrit, you'te citing
the German situation, whereas Ward may be citing the situation in Belgium. If
so, I think I prefer Germany. We in Germany tend to be very allergic to
attempts by the government to "monitor" us. That may be an historical attitude,
but it exists.

Cheers, Bob

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