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SubjNo Peace Possible
David Drummond wrote to Robert Bashe on Saturday April 28 2018 at 14:15:

DD>>> The sooner the USA goes tits-up the better!

RB>> That's not thinking very far. USA gone, to be replaced by...what?
RB>> Would you prefer China?

DD> They, or Russia, cannot be any worse than USA.

If you believe that, there's no point in further discussion. It would be like
trying to talk to a convinced marxist about human rights. "Sure, we're all for
them!" would be the answer to any question. The GDR set up automatic firearms
to shoot anyone trying to leave the GDR, and claimed this was to prevent the
"evil capitalists" from infiltrating their "pure" (in reality: bankrupt)

They believed that, too.

Cheers, Bob

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