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Ward Dossche wrote to Robert Bashe on Wednesday April 25 2018 at 13:45:

WD>>> The most exciting news so far is that Nick Andre is going to Las
WD>>> Vegas and see if he can get married to his right hand there.

RB>> "Right hand" Was that a private joke, or something everybody should
RB>> know?

WD> Just think ... what does a young man without a woman uses his right
WD> hand for?

WD> Unless he's lefthanded of course ...

I was about to ask that ;-)

WD> It's bad when a joke needs to be explained ... 8-)

That's the problem with written communications. No grins, no laughs, no sly
winks. We're at quite a disadvantage compared to people who talk face to face.

Should we all migrate to WhatsApp? No, probably a bad idea. Too localized
(person to person), too little dissemination - and then there's Facebook...

Cheers, Bob

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