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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
Hello Ward!

26 Apr 18 07:49, Ward Dossche wrote to Gregory Deyss:

WD> I don't know of any decent ISP which doesn't keep several generations
WD> of back-ups of its servers. Out-here (Europe, Belgium) there's a
WD> requirement to keep a log with emails and after some time ISP's still
WD> need to keep a log of date/time/from/to/subject for up to 30 years.
WD> The technology was developed by an Israeli security company (I helped
WD> install it).

How come we have legislation explicitely forbidding this, and all providers I
know of report to store for something between 0 and 180 days?
And what "technology" should be needed to do that, anyway? You just store it
(ignoring the laws).


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