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SubjNo Peace Possible
On 24/04/2018 10:11 PM, Robert Bashe -> David Drummond wrote:

DD>> And then there are some of us who don't give a fuck who wins the US
DD>> elections - we know that although there may be different flies, it is
DD>> still the same shit.

RB> Doubtness you feel similarly about the shitty "downunder" politicians,
RB> all of whom are beholden to foreign allegiences. Nothing but a ratty
RB> UK/Chinese/Indonesian bunch, eh?

I was referring to Hilary's apparent warlike nature - The Donald's pre-election
rhetoric sounded as though he would not be pursuing USA's imperialist habits.
Either he lied to the people, or the power behind the throne has taken control
of him, he is just as bad as we feared Hilary would be.

The sooner the USA goes tits-up the better!



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