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SubjNo Peace Possible
Gerrit Kuehn wrote to TIM RICHARDSON on Tuesday April 24 2018 at 18:08:

GK>>> Germany. You said you used to live here.

TR>> No. I said I was *stationed* there with the U.S. Army.

GK> Which still means that you lived here (unless you're some kind of
GK> zombie ;-).

TR>> Remember us?

GK> No.

Not surprising if he lived on the base. What you may not realize, Gerrit, is
that some Americans only rarely or never left the military base where they were

I once met an American woman in Heidelberg who was in the military and
stationed at the Heidelberg base. She said it was the first time she had seen
the city - she was being transferred back to the States - in three years.

I was astounded, but apparently such things happen.

Cheers, Bob

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