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SubjNo Peace Possible
David Drummond wrote to TIM RICHARDSON on Tuesday April 24 2018 at 16:37:

DD> And then there are some of us who don't give a fuck who wins the US
DD> elections - we know that although there may be different flies, it is
DD> still the same shit.

Doubtness you feel similarly about the shitty "downunder" politicians, all of
whom are beholden to foreign allegiences. Nothing but a ratty
UK/Chinese/Indonesian bunch, eh?

At least they're getting rid of the "foreigners". That's more than the New
Zealanders can say. Or most of the South Americans, or most of the North
Americans, or most of the Europeans. Or most of the Russians. Or most of the
Chinese, Or most of the Indochinese...

Anyone left? Not even the Eskimos in Greenland are really "native" anymore.

Keep ranting.

Cheers, Bob

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