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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
GD> Not only are they pissed off, they are running scared Hillary is so
GD> guilty if she wasn't, why would you smash blackberries cell phones,
GD> treat hard drives with bleech-bit and not to mention delete thirty
GD> thousand emails that were subpoenaed.

1) you'd be totally amazed to discover how much information NTSB technicians
can extract from the totaly destroyed and burned electronics of a
crashed airliner.

A smahsed Blackberry would be peanuts.

2) When the Twin Towers crashed on 9/11 entire databanks, and their backups,
measuring countless terabytesm crashed into the pits, hard discs were
smashed, mangled, exposed to enormous heat and pressures for very long

Specialized data-retrieval companies retrieved up to 80% of the data,
including the emails of a guy cheating on his wife the day he was killed.
Your bleech-bit will not do a lot of good.

3) The story of the alleged 30,000 emails ... where does that number come
from actually? If they are not there anymore, how were they counted and by

Think about it ... 30,000 ... that's a lot. Let's suppose Hillary wrote 10
emails a day on average ... that would be like 3,000 days ... How long was
she in office? ... Less than 1,400 days meaning should have written more
than 20 a day to reach 30,000 ... that's from 'day-1' in office. Plus all
the other official stuff she did ... you know how much time it can take to
write a single decent email.

Just think about the amount of time you need to produce the crap that you
serve us all the time ... there's no way Hillary could have done all that
which is best proven by the fact there're no investigations (into what
would be a Federal crime) nor results of such an investigation. Just a
hoax and a report by Fox ... which in the meantime seems to try to become
a decent news station.

GD> Kinda gives new purpose to the Cliche
GD> "It's not over, until the fat lady signs."

It never is, and when she's done, life continues.

GD>TR> There are now criminal referals on
GD>TR> Andrew McCabe
GD>TR> Hillary Clinton
GD>TR> Loretta Lynch
GD>TR> James Comey

GD> They are all about to fall like domino's.

You've been spewing these stories now for how long? ... Very long...


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