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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
On 04/23/18, TIM RICHARDSON said the following...

TR> Translation: He has nothing intelligent to say, so he throws insults.

If you're a Republican and Conservative, the responses are primary insults,
sometimes there is no response, must be running low on ammo or short on wit
with snappy come back.

TR> They were pissed the Clinton broad lost, so they made up an excuse to
TR> try to delegitimize the election.

Not only are they pissed off, they are running scared Hillary is so guilty if
she wasn't, why would you smash blackberries cell phones, treat hard drives
with bleech-bit and not to mention delete thirty thousand emails that were

TR> It's falling apart on them. The deeper they dig into the `Russia' thing,
TR> the more they are unwittingly exposing a `Clinton'/Russia collusion!

Exactly,the DNC better go to the Depot and buy all the duct tape that they
can put their hands on, to force these people from talking, the more they dig
the more they are digging their own political and professional graves.

Kinda gives new purpose to the Cliche
"It's not over, until the fat lady signs."

TR> There are now criminal referals on
TR> Andrew McCabe
TR> Hillary Clinton
TR> Loretta Lynch
TR> James Comey

They are all about to fall like domino's.

So much for Mullertime.

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