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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello TIM!

23 Apr 18 14:38, TIM RICHARDSON wrote to GERRIT KUEHN:

TR> Is he an actual `Puerto Rican'? Or a German national who `lived' in
TR> Puerto Rico?

He came from Puerto Rico to Germany for University. Meanwhile he owns a PhD and
was naturalised.

TR> It makes a difference.

Nope. Either he's a nice guy or he's not. No matter where he's coming from or
where he's going to.

TR> had become the bulwork of what stood between West Germans and the
TR> Soviet Army.

/You/ were the bulwork? I think is was rather our country (and people) used as
a buffer zone. If the Russian had really moved in, they might have been stopped
at the Rhine, not much before.

TR> Yeah but....what do you care.

Indeed, I could hardly care less. You have the shit boiling in your country.

TR> You're in Germany and being overrun
TR> with Islamic
TR> radicals, rapists and murderers. The brown-shirt storm; only by
TR> rdical
TR> foreigners wearing turbans!

Strange enough, I've never met any of them, and still feel as safe living here
as ever. Probably it would not be much different to tolerate a couple of these
people than having people spreading the kind of hatred you do.


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