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GK> Hello TIM!

GK> 10 Apr 18 18:43, TIM RICHARDSON wrote to DALE SHIPP:

TR> Hopefully, the next hurricane to hit Puerto Rico will bury it in the
TR> ocean, or sweep it off the globe!

GK> I have a colleague from there whom I consider to be quite a nice guy.

Is he an actual `Puerto Rican'? Or a German national who `lived' in Puerto

It makes a difference.

GK> After reading your mail, I should probably be happy not to have you
GK> living around here anymore.

Not surprised. I was in U.S. Army uniform when I was stationed there, not all
that long after we were no longer considered an *occupying foreign Army*, but
had become the bulwork of what stood between West Germans and the Soviet Army.

BM>You're dealing with an angry old man...

The refuge of the pissed-off leftie losers: insults and put-downs.

BM>I don't bother with him any more.

Translation: He has nothing intelligent to say, so he throws insults.

Speaking of leftie losers.......

The `Trump/Russia collusion' crapola is coming apart at the seams.

They were pissed the Clinton broad lost, so they made up an excuse to try to
delegitimize the election.

It's falling apart on them. The deeper they dig into the `Russia' thing, the
more they are unwittingly exposing a `Clinton'/Russia collusion!

BM>He's the perfectly illustrated Trump supporter... the "look at ME"

It turns out that James Comey leaked classified material to a friend of his
for the purpose of that friend leaking it to a media outlet. Comey freely
admitted he did so in order to cause the appointment of a special counsel.

Leaking of classified material to someone unauthorized to have that material
is a crime!

It had the result Comey aimed for; appointment of a special counsel.

But as the manner in which Comey caused that result was in itself illegal...
it is now being said the special counsel is illegal!

Comey is slowly imploding on his talk show at a time.

There are now criminal referals on

Andrew McCabe

Hillary Clinton

Loretta Lynch

James Comey

And there are probably more to come.

Oh and....did I mention the civil suit the dumb-ass lefties filed against the
Trump campaign?

They aparently aren't too smart.

And that opens a whole new can of worms. And they'll have that blow up in
their faces too!

This is turning into a self-destruct tour of leftie democrats.

See...`Discovery' works two ways; especially in a civil suit.

Lets see....there will be the information on the DNC server....remember that
one? The one they claimed was *hacked*....but refused to give the FBI to check
out for a `hack'? They'll have to produce it in `discovery'. Not to mention
the Wasserman-Schultz servers. The documents held by that mysterious
Pakistani. The Clinton emails (from Huma and Weiner's laptop).

And there'll be no `foot-dragging' or `slow-walking' stuff, either.

A congressional committed `requesting' material and a judge in a courtroom
`ordering' you to produce material is two different things.

You may scoff at a congressional committee's subpoena for a few years or more.

But a judge will put you in jail for contempt if they think you're
deliberately stalling them when they order you to produce evidence in their

I've seen predictions that...after a whole lot of noise in the media over
this, it will be quietly withdrawn.

I love it!

Yeah but....what do you care. You're in Germany and being overrun with Islamic
radicals, rapists and murderers. The brown-shirt storm; only by rdical
foreigners wearing turbans!

Good luck with that!

"You should make a macro...." ...Bill McGarrity

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