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SubjHarry Anderson RIP
Hello Barry,

>> Just like Elvis, the judge has left the building.

>> Harry Anderson, "Night Court" star, dead at 65.

>> Performed comedy and magic, live and on television.
>> He had moved to New Orleans in 2000, opened a nightclub
>> called Oswald's Speakeasy, along with a shop named
>> Sideshow. After Hurricane Katrina wiped out the city
>> he moved to North Carolina, where he spent the rest of
>> his days.

>> He will be missed.

>> Harry Anderson, RIP.

>> --Lee

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>> Laying Pipe Since '88

BDJ> I loved him on Night Court and his comedy, he will def be missed.

First it was Harry Anderson, everybody's favorite magician.
And now it is Mini Me, sidekick of Dr. Evil.
What other great actors/villains will we lose next?

Sometimes we all lose sight of the fact that actors/magicians
are real people. They entertained us, and we never stop to think
or imagine what trials and tribulations they may be going through
in real life.

The actor who played Mini Me was alcholic, and suffered from
depression, along with being suicidal. Although the cause of
death was not announced, it may not have come as much of a
surprise to many to learn of his passing.

No cause of death was announced in the case of Harry Anderson.
But many were very surprised to learn of his passing. Perhaps
he was in declining health, and chose to keep his health a well
guarded secret. Or perhaps he thought he was in the best of
health, and was just as shocked as everybody else when he keeled

In any event, my view is when it is your time to go, it is your
time to go. Nothing you or anybody else can do to change it.

Now I am not suggesting that anybody challenge that notion
by jumping off a cliff to see what happens ...


Laying Pipe Since '88

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