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Hello Greg,

ml>>>> BTW: i'm not a liberal, a conservative, a leftist, nor a
GD> rightist ;)

GD>>> Then that makes you what then?

ml>> better than you, obviously... keep on drinking that poisonous
GD> koolaid,
ml>> though... it is a halfway decent movie and i've plenty of popcorn ;)

GD> better then the me?

Trump is always right.

If Trump is always right, then others must be wrong. After all,
everybody can't always be right. If that was the case, there would
be no need at all for elections (or votes of any kind). We could
all simply allow Trump to rule by decree.

GD> then there is the problem; it is with your definition of "being better
GD> obviously" so incredibly cocky and sure of yourself aren't
GD> you?

Has anybody ever known Trump to admit to have been wrong? About
anything? Trump does not care about the presidency. Trump does not
care about those who are serving in his cabinet, or administration.
I doubt he cares about his wife (they live in separate rooms, from
what I understand). The only thing he cares about is himself.

GD> You're barking up the wrong tree pal. The left thought they were so smug,
GD> much like you appear to be. They thought they had it all wrapped
GD> up and in the bag as they say. The election, I am delighted of the

I pray for my country. So should you, and all other Americans.
Our democracy is under attack, from a known adversary, and it is
imperative we learn the truth. Regardless of who is found to be
guilty and/or complicit.

This is not about who won or lost the presidential election.
It is about the rule of law, and the form of democracy we love
and cherish. Allowing foreign powers to subvert our democracy,
and rewarding politicians who have colluded with them, is an act
of treason.

Are you a patriot? Or a traitor? The choice is up to you.

Donald J. Trump has already made his choice. The special counsel
will soon reveal to the rest of us what that choice was.

And then the Congress will have a decision to make.

The long version would be for the House to impeach, and the Senate
to remove from office. The short version is simpler, and far less
time-consuming - use the 25th Amendment as a coup d'etat to rid the
country of an unwanted president.

GD> Stop for a moment, could you imagine Hilary as President, all the
GD> that we now know of within the top reaches of the intelligence community.
GD> If she was elected and obviously, it is what they were hoping for. The
GD> corruption would continue and would be unknown to us. Is that what you are
GD> defending?

"I am not a crook!" ~Richard M. Nixon

Nixon said that while he was still president. Before leaving
office in disgrace. Before his successor (Gerald Ford) granted
him a presidential pardon.

What you are saying is that any president can do whatever he/she
wants and never be corrupt, no matter how corrupt he/she may be.

"If she is elected ... the corruption would continue and would
be unknown to us."

Those are your words, not mine.

By your logic, as stated above, if a person is elected president
then he/she is above the law, able to hide any and all illegal acts
he/she commits or may have committed.

GD> I have no idea of what poisonous koolaid you're talking about, but you go
GD> ahead now and drink up.

Orange is the best. Usually found at MinuteMaid Park in Houston, TX.
Home of the Houston Astros.

GD> I am not the one being controlled and manipulated, by people who want the
GD> Trump Administration to fail and are the ones who wake up each and every
GD> morning, thinking to themselves, today could be the day where we nail
GD> and are waiting ever so eagerly to point a finger and say "see I told you
GD> so."

It is not about Trump. He is what he is. Nobody can change that.
Except himself, which he is not about to do anytime soon.

A tiger cannot change its stripes, and a leopard cannot change its
spots. In other words, he is incapable of being somebody he is not.
One has to accept him for who and what he is.

GD> To these people I have another finger gesture.

A few years ago, the kicker for the LSU Tigers football team
was having a bad night, having missed five field goals, plus a
few extra point attempts. Late in the game, with time running
out, and LSU behind by two points, the coach gave him another
chance to kick a field goal. The crowd booed him, very loudly,
as he made his way onto the field. And then the players lined
up, the ball was snapped, and the kicker kicked the ball right
through the uprights for the win.

And then it happened. The kicker put one arm straight up,
grinned a devilish smile, and lifted his middle finget to the

The headlines in the newspaper the next morning showed a picture
of the kicker with his one-finger salute to the crowd, under the
caption "We're Number One!"


Laying Pipe Since '88

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