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SubjNo Peace Possible
On 2018 Apr 20 16:39:26, you wrote to me:

ml>>>> BTW: i'm not a liberal, a conservative, a leftist, nor a rightist
ml>>>> ;)

GD>>> Then that makes you what then?

ml>> better than you, obviously... keep on drinking that poisonous
ml>> koolaid, though... it is a halfway decent movie and i've plenty of
ml>> popcorn ;)

GD> better then the me? then there is the problem; it is with your definition
GD> of "being better obviously"

the definition came directly out of your book... i'm showing you you...

GD> so incredibly cocky and sure of yourself aren't you?

quit looking in the mirror!

GD> You're barking up the wrong tree pal.

so are you...


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