FromNick Andre1:229/426.0Date Write2018-04-22 09:18:12
ToWard Dossche0:0/0.0Date Arrived2018-04-22 16:30:14
SubjRe: Quiet
On 22 Apr 18 09:24:17, Ward Dossche said the following to Nick Andre:

NA> Farts appear to be much more efficient now, for some reason, but I cannot
NA> find sufficient medical documentation on the subject and why this is so.
WD> I don't need any special stimulation in that field, however I personally en
WD> pressing my butt-cheecks together when farting and then feel the fart creep
WD> upwards in my butt-crack in an attempt to find an opening and escape in one
WD> horrible long wail.

Once again, Fidonet owes me thanks, because if it wasn't for my candid
discussions about bodily functions, the network would "implode".


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