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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
On 04/18/18, mark lewis said the following...

ml> On 2018 Apr 10 21:01:52, you wrote to me:
ml> ml>> BTW: i'm not a liberal, a conservative, a leftist, nor a rightist ;)
ml> GD> Then that makes you what then?
ml> better than you, obviously... keep on drinking that poisonous koolaid,
ml> though... it is a halfway decent movie and i've plenty of popcorn ;)

better then the me? then there is the problem; it is with your definition of
"being better obviously" so incredibly cocky and sure of yourself aren't
you? You're barking up the wrong tree pal. The left thought they were so smug,
much like you appear to be. They thought they had it all wrapped up and in the
bag as they say. The election, I am delighted of the results.

Stop for a moment, could you imagine Hilary as President, all the corruption
that we now know of within the top reaches of the intelligence community. If
she was elected and obviously, it is what they were hoping for. The corruption
would continue and would be unknown to us. Is that what you are defending?

I have no idea of what poisonous koolaid you're talking about, but you go ahead
now and drink up. I am not the one being controlled and manipulated, by people
who want the Trump Administration to fail and are the ones who wake up each and
every morning, thinking to themselves, today could be the day where we nail
Trump and are waiting ever so eagerly to point a finger and say "see I told you

To these people I have another finger gesture.

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