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SubjRe: Syria Gas Attack
Hi, Lee Lofaso!
I read your message from 16.04.2018 20:01

LL> The Russians were right. And so was Syrian President
LL> Bashar al-Assad. It was all fake news.
LL> ??that-syria-gas-attack-faked/
LL> Don't believe me? Watch the video. It's all there.
LL> Caught on camera, for all the world to see.
LL> Thank you, Alex Jones. You have done the world a favor.
LL> "Mission accomplished." ~Donald J. Trump

What a riddle! ;-) Asad had negotiated a treaty with militants to allow
them live Duma (the last enclave in the East Guta under their control)
safe and free, carrying them away on comfortable buses. And in the last
day before their departure Asad allegedly thought, "Oh, in Duma there
are many civilians -- it would be nice to suffocate a hundred of them
with chlorine gas." Is it a motive? Does Asad had any gains doing it?

Only fucking idiots could bite on such unbelievably clumsy framing. Or,
it could be the people in the US and the UK who knew perfectly well the
real situation, but they needed a pretext for a military action. I
believe in the second variant.

Just look - the chemical weapon UN check commission goes to Syria. They
can check out any abject. For instance, does the science center in
Damask make chemical weapon on not? There are all permissions to do it
-- Damask cries - go and check all you wants, we didn't do it! But it
would be a shame if the commission doesn't find any chemicals. What to
do for America to preserve its face? It is easy -- before the commission
arrives you should bomb the center, razing it to the ground. Let them
check it after that! Suckers! ;-))) After that you can speak
lightheartedly that this center produced chemical weapon.

Bye, Lee!
Alexander Koryagin
fido7.fidonews 2018

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