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David Drummond wrote to Mike Miller on Wednesday March 14 2018 at 08:50:

DD> Fucking tough mate - I live in a country where the ordinary people
DD> still have a say in the running of things.

As long as they have no claim to foreign citizenship, even without their own
knowledge. The disruptions in Australian politics in 2017 and even now have
been noted with some astonishment outside the country. I don't know of another
country that restricts political activity so rigorously.

If that had been the case in the USA, people would have tried to establish
Kenyan citizenship for Mr. Obama, just to get rid of him. Instead, they
"merely" questioned his birth in the USA. But as far as I know, having a second
citizenship (without your knowledge) is no handicap in American politics. Nor,
for that matter, is dual citizenship common in the USA. It exists, but at least
in the case of the president, no naturalized citizen is eligible. Which, by the
way, eliminated Arnold Schwarzenegger, although he was discussed as a possible
candidate at one time. You must be native born in the USA to run for president.

Cheers, Bob

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