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SubjIslamic War in Europe
David Drummond wrote to Robert Bashe on Wednesday March 14 2018 at 08:48:

DD>>> Can you quote the part of the second amendment that suggest that
DD>>> shooting Jihadists was acceptable (or is it only when said Jihadists
DD>>> form government)?

RB>> They didn't call them "jihadists" in those days, but "Indians" or
RB>> "Redcoats" (your ancestors) ;-)

DD> There is little British blood in my ancestry. My ancestors cam from
DD> the highlands of Scotland - which back in the day was not affiliated
DD> with the imperialist Britain.

And who cares? There were even German troops on the British side (Hessians).
Maybe even a few Scotchmen slipped through ;-) Maybe the British had a few red
coats left to give them.

RB>> And if they didn't shoot them, they drove them into Canada or into a
RB>> reservation.

DD> I'm not sure that the 2nd amendment was written about the indigenous
DD> peoples either.

It wasn't. The term "all men are created equal" meant _men_, not women, and
_white_ men in those days. Maybe even property-owning white men, I don't know,
although that was often a criterion (for example in voting) in the past.

DD> Is the "state" mentioned in that amendment the individual states of
DD> the USA or the state as a whole? It seems to me that the individual
DD> states are under the thumb of the federal regime.

That's hard to answer unless you look at the history of the USA, where "states'
rights" has always been a very thorny issue. The conflict between states'
rights and the central government led to the Civil War (NOT so much the issue
of slavery: note Lincoln's open letter to Horace Greeley in 1862*), and even
today, many states have laws that conflict with those made in Washington - I'm
particularly thinking of laws allowing the growth and sale of
Marijana/cannabis: illegal nationally, legal (and even taxed) in some states.
This does not sit well in Washington, but states' rights is still a powerful
force in the USA.


Cheers, Bob

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