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SubjNo Peace Possible
David Drummond wrote to Robert Bashe on Wednesday March 14 2018 at 08:41:

RB>>>> You _do_ realize you're writing to a Brazilian, don't you?

DD>>> I do - even without observing his hair style.

RB>> Then how do you justify telling a native Brazilian how he wants to be
RB>> termed, Mr. New Zealand? If that isn't arrogant paternalism, I don't
RB>> know what is.

DD> I was not telling him how he wants to be termed - just stating that
DD> peoples of the Americas are Americans - just as peoples of Europe are
DD> Europeans.

So where does "Europe" stop? In the Balkans? At the Urals? You'd get a lot of
conflicting opinions on that here in the "old country".

DD> Just because they want to be identify as Germans or Brazilians doesn't
DD> change the geographic region they reside in.

No, but it does change what they call themselves. And I would advise you not to
call a Mexican an "American" if you visit there: national pride tends to run
high south of the US border.

Cheers, Bob

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