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SubjIslamic War in Europe
David Drummond wrote to Robert Bashe on Wednesday March 14 2018 at 08:38:

DD>>> I had thought of claiming land rights over Drummond Castle in
DD>>> Scotland...

RB>> Go right ahead, and keep us posted on the results ;-)

DD> Travelling to Europe/British Isles is not on my current to-do list.

DD>>> Not sure that they current occupants would see it that way though.

RB>> Probably as much as the East Germans did when the former West German
RB>> owners of a property appropriated by the East German government
RB>> demanded its return. Lots of conflict there.

DD> True.

DD> I'll stay here on my 2.16 hectares that I have documentation to prove
DD> that I am the rightful owner.

And what happens when one or a group of Aboiginies turns up, claiming your
land? ;-)

DD> Then again I imagine that if some indigenous party want to claim it
DD> was theirs I would lose it :(

That's what I was thinking of. But then, whoever was making the laws in
Australia would have to declare all of the territory off limits to the invaders
- the Europeans - then repeal the constitution and get out of the continent.

I think you have little to worry about...

By the way, ever see the film "Quigley Down Under"? I would presume the
scenario (elimination of the Aborigines by European settlers) is not totally

Cheers, Bob

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