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SubjIslamic War in Europe
BOB ACKLEY wrote to ROBERT BASHE on Tuesday March 13 2018 at 11:12:

DD>>> The Europeans do not run New Zealand. They signed a treaty back in
DD>>> the day and today the Maori pretty much run the place.

RB>> Plenty of "peace treaties" were also signed in the USA.

BA> If memory serves, the US signed a total of 272 treaties with the
BA> native American tribes - and broke every single one of them, often
BA> before the ink was dry on the signatures.

Doubtless true. But what makes you think the situation in NZ was different?

Were the New Zelanders more "advanced" than the Australians? Or were the Maori
just more warlike and effective than the Aborigines?

Cheers, Bob

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