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SubjIslamic War in Europe
On 14/03/2018 6:50 AM, Gerrit Kuehn -> Kees van Eeten wrote:

KvE>> Front loading assault weapons. ;)

GK> Well, the whole argument is mood, anyway: I know no-one who would
GK> sincerely like to have society, laws, technique or whatever from 200 or
GK> more years ago back today. Anyone volunteering for a medical treatment
GK> of that time? Anyone for transportation? Housing? Food? Schools?
GK> Churches? Media? Clothes? Electoral laws? Criminal laws? Kings and Queens?
GK> Most people of today will refuse next to anything from that time. So why
GK> on Earth should one declare some rather arbitrarily chosen laws of that
GK> time to be some kind of holy cow that cannot be adapted to present time,
GK> and instead insist on applying them to our world, no matter how
GK> ill-suited they are today?

And yet there are quite a number of USAians who subscribe to the "flat earth"
phenomena, a concept from more than 200 years ago.



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