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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Bob,

BA>>> Pretty much true. Same with the illegal invasion and conquest of the
BA>>> formerly independent kingdom of Hawaii in 1898

>> All water under the bridge. After Hawai'ians learned how
>> to properly farm pineapples, they gladly petitioned for statehood.
>> And the rest, of course, is history ...

BA> Nonsense. The Hawaiians were perfectly happy with their independent,
BA> internationally recognized kingdom. The Hawaiian king was a spendthrift
BA> and ran up a huge debt (for the time) for mostly personal expenses.

The last Hawai'ian princess is trying to save the last of her
millions. Not sure how successful she will be in that endeavor.

BA> But the real reason the US conquered Hawaii was that the US Navy wanted
BA> to put a navy base at the mouth of the Pearl River on Oahu and the
BA> Hawaiian government wouldn't let it. So the US conquered the place and
BA> built its base, what is now Pearl Harbor. Hawaii remained a US territory
BA> until about 1960 when it was granted statehood - mainly to balance out
BA> Alaska, which was given statehood shortly before. Note that native
BA> Hawaiians are a tiny minority in their own homeland. Mainland Americans
BA> are the biggest population group in Hawaii, followed by Japanese

How many ethnic Hawai'ians are truly happy being citizens of
a country that invaded their own? Kind of like how many Native
Americans are truly happy being citizens of a country that took
their lands, and in most cases kicked them out of their paradise?

The US had a war with Spain in 1898. At the conclusion of that
war, the US took possession of lands that had been claimed by Spain.
Cuba was just a sand bar, but its location ideal. The Philippines
was far away, but had lots of stuff to offer. The US sent in troops
to Cuba to quell any unrest there might be, and Santiago became
a rallying cry for Cubans in later years. The US sent in troops to
the Philippines to convert the Moros, but that little war got kind
of messy (as Mark Twain would tell it). But the US prevailed, and
made the Philippines a colony. The first, and only, colony the
US ever had.

FDR would have given the Philippine people their freedom, but
the Japanese had other ideas. Harry Truman also promised to give
Filipinos their freedom, and Filipinos made sure he did, choosing
July 4 as their Independence Day.

All peoples are meant to be free. It is a right, not a privilege.
Hawai'ians resisted but were overcome by numbers. Filipinos also
resisted, but were overcome by numbers, having to endure over 400
years of slavery under the Spanish.

The US has spent the past 17 years in Afghanistan, trying to
impose its will on a people whose way of life is far different
than anything you or me can imagine. And one day, the US will
leave Afghanistan, and the people of that country will remain.

It is time to bring our troops home. All of them.


As Good As It Looks

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