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Hello Bj”rn,

MvdV>> Just release the next issue of Fidonews without FILE_ID.DIZ MvdV>and
BF> see what happens...

BF> The problem with such an arrogant attitude is that many sysops don't
BF> complain when certain functions are removed, they just leave Fidonet with
BF> sigh of resignation.

How does FidoNet remain relevant in today's modern world without
upgrading from what it was before? People no longer use cell phones
that first came out, those phones having been obsolete for years.

BF> The main reason we can still maintain our network is backward
BF> The FILE_ID.DIZ files are one example.

People no longer write on papyrus. People no longer use quill pens.
In most cases it is out with the old, and in with the new. As such,
FidoNet should be no different. Yes, there should be some backward
compatability. But how far back should one go? Certainly not back
to square one ...

BF> But of course, if you're not running a BBS -- just running a glorified
BF> system -- you don't need certain old functions like the above.

Then why have them at all?


Stop Workin', Start Jerkin'

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