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Hello Ward,

MvdV>>> Just release the next issue of Fidonews without FILE_ID.DIZ and
MvdV>>> see what happens...

BF>> The problem with such an arrogant attitude is that many sysops don't
BF>> complain when certain functions are removed, they just leave Fidonet with
BF>> a sigh of resignation.

WD> Do you have any idea how many people have left because of being beaten
WD> the head by self-proclaimed techies about fairly irrelevant

None. They all have the internet, and have become their very
own experts. In everything.

WD> And what an effort it takes to keep 'm in, or get them back?

That's easy. Just shut down the internet and they will all come
running back home to mama.

WD> At least one of them that I know of is reading here.

Oh, man. You had to tell them. You had to tell them ...


Big Or Small We Lay Them All

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