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SubjFile names for Fnews
Hello Michiel!

05 Feb 18 21:23, you wrote to Björn Felten:

MvdV> FILE_ID.DIZ? BBS? Wazethat? :)

MvdV> When was the last time you used that _i--- shaped piece of hardware to
MvdV> manually cranck your car into starting? Sometimes progress means dumping
MvdV> no more needed old stuff. Many Fidonet related files are distributed
MvdV> without FILE_ID.DIZ. The nodelist, the nodediffs, the FTSC related
MvdV> files... I never hear complaints. Apparently Fidonet works well without
MvdV> it. The FTSC never bothered to document it, so it must not be all that
MvdV> critical. The Fidonews file is pretty self descriptive anyway.

I think that in some zones where there is a different appreciation for
BBS's The additional information file is packed with nodelist or Nodediffs.

If we only support features that are used by a mojority of sysops, we can
just as well close Fidonet right away.


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