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Hello David!

03 Feb 18 13:33, you wrote to me:

LL>>>> There is only one United State of America. Remember that.

DD>>> Thank what-ever-deity for that - but America is made up of more
DD>>> countries than just the United States there-of.

MM>> I don't think Amerigo Vespucci really gives a crap.

DD> He bears no relevance on the facts of today.

I'm glad you said that. Because the facts of today are that there are two
continents: North America and South America.

DD> If he did, then Brazil
DD> would be known as "America" today - after all he was referring to that
DD> country when he named the continent "America".

There is no such thing as "America" There are always meant to be words in
front of it. "North" "South" or "United States of" are some of the more popular
examples. The English language is absolutely bonkers, as many words, phrases,
etc leave out words that are to be implied. (elliptical clauses spring to mind,
but there are many other examples)

I know you've been basically a one-man crusade against people from the United
States referring to themselves as "Americans" but, the facts today are that
when someone is called an "American" they are referring to someone from the

Feel free to look it up in any English Dictionary.


... Take my advice, I don't use it anyway.
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