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SubjNo Peace Possible
-=> Gregory Deyss wrote to Bill McGarrity on 02-02-18 22:37 <=-

GD> On 02/01/18, Bill McGarrity said the following...

BM> -=> Gregory Deyss wrote to Mike Miller on 01-31-18 22:37 <=-
BM> MM> So that means he's allowed to lie more, and we should give him a pas
BM> GD> Haven't you figured it out by now, I do not look at the President wit
BM> GD> hate and cynicism, my mind continues to open and objective.
BM> Hate has nothing to do with it. He is consistantly lying over his
BM> "achievements" and ALL his statements are checked by relieable
BM> sources.... even if Faux or Brietbart don't.

GD> These reliable sources never seem to have names attached to them, if
GD> they are deemed reliable why don't they go on record.

They have. You've been so brainwashed that it's all #fakenews you can't tell
the trees from the forest anymore. The truth is out there and it will set you

GD> This also goes for all the would-be dirt stories, ever notice that they
GD> also are from reliable sources, but never seem to have enough balls to
GD> go on record.

BM> Tell me something Greg, how do you feel about the altered "top secret"
BM> memo sent to Trump by Nunes AFTER it left committee? (please don't deny
BM> it, the GOP leaders have already stated it was altered) You may want to
BM> look up the meaning of obstruction of justice because Nunes is going to
BM> be sitting in the cell next to the Trump family.

GD> I do not know about altered... Edited with things left out for national
GD> security perhaps but altered - I think this how the left will spin
GD> this, to say that the memo is unfair or untrue. Nice Try but it will
GD> not work, their goose is cooked. Fox News has been telling us about
GD> the goings on for months, of what was said and how the fix was in for
GD> Hillary. How Hillary bought and paid for with millions of dollars on a
GD> phony dossier, how the top people in the FBI were and are corrupt. It's
GD> all out now.

They said they were altered before it went to the WH. Even Nunes stated he
never read the brief and that it was all Trey Gowdy who put the mess together.
Even in the memo they bring up Popadopolus (sp?) was involved that that was 3
months before the Steele briefing as well as getting three separate warrents
from the FISC which need extensive proof for a warrant to be issued. If you
actually think a FISA judge will issue not one, not two but three warrants
without more evidence, you have no clue. Tell me soemthing, why would ALL of
the people Trump is accusing known Republicans in good standing, inculding the
judges. Trump is so stupid he just hung himself.

GD> They are just mad at Nunes because he exposed them as traders that they
GD> are. Boo freakity woo, crybabies. They got caught.

HAhahahaha... better read the memo again.

GD> If Hillary won - all of this would still be under wraps.

Hillary wasn't in bed with the Russians. Putin hates her.

BTW, why won't the moron sign the additional sanctions against Russia as voted
on and approved by Congress? Does he really want it to go to a veto vote?
He'll lose "BIGLY".

Mueller is going to make Watergate loook like a walk in the park...



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