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Hello Ward,

GD>> we enacted the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history.

WD> To use a Trump expression as you seem to understand that well: Wrong !!

Alternative facts are not the same as real facts. While the
tax cuts passed were the biggest in history, they hardly qualify
as tax reform.

WD> The tax cuts during the Reagan administration were way more substantial.
WD> a matter of fact, the Trump-era cuts are in 4th place.

WD> Do not automatically believe everything Trump or FauxNews tells you.

When has Trump ever admitted he was wrong? About anything?
When has Trump ever apologized? About anything?

Fact #1 - Trump is always right.
Fact #2 - Trump is always right.
Fact #3 - Trump is always right.

Any questions?


I Take A Sheet In The Pool

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