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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Bill,

>>> Damn... have you ever heard of Native Americans? You know, the
BA>> indiginous
>>> people who now live in poverty (or as your moron would put it:
BA>>> shitholes) due
>>> to greed?

BA>>> Actually due more to government incompetence (which is redundant).
BA>> You
BA>>> should have noted that the US government broke every single treaty
BM> it
BA>>> signed with the Native American tribes, often before the ink was
BA>> dry on
BA>>> the signatures

>> OK.... the government, but tell me, who was running the government back
BA>> then
>> (ancestors of illegals) and why did they break the treaties? Can wrap
BA>> that all
>> up in one word... greed.

BA>> Pretty much true. Same with the illegal invasion and conquest of the
BA>> formerly independent kingdom of Hawaii in 1898

BM> Exactly....

Meanwhile, the last princess of Hawai'i tries to protect
her millions from plunder ...


Your Hole Is Our Goal

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