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Hello Bill,

>> One of the good things that does stand out in my memory is that Bill
BA>> Clinton
>> did balance the budget under his presidency.

BA>> Democrats have been claiming that for decades. In point of fact the
BA>> national debt increased in every single year of CLinton's presidency.
BA>> Therefore, spending must have exceeded revenues and the budget
BA>> demonstrably was NOT balanced

BM> It's a well documented fact the US govenrnment ran under a surplus from
BM> between the years 1998-2001. Now this is not overlooking the Congress was
BM> held by the Republicans but the truth is at that particular time the
BM> government was taking in more than it was speding during that fiscal year
BM> to operate the government.

Hence the need to elect another Southerner as president.
Mayor Mitch Landreiu of New Orleans would be a great choice,
especially given his lack of orange hair.

BM> The debt is something totally different. One must take into account the
BM> interest that debt is accruing, which, if you look at things objectively,
BM> we'll never cover so if we go by your standards, why even have a budget?

You have to spend money to make money. Preferably other people's
money. And to think, Republicans do it so well ...


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