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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Greg,

GD>>> I thought it was inspiring where he was talking about handing
GD> the
GD>>> power to us
GD>>> the citizens of this country.

GK>> So which powers exactly did you gain since then?

GD> That's an easy one, Gerrit.

GD> The power of Liberty, knowing my President loves America as much as I do.

"We the people ..."

The first three words of the US Constitution.
That says it all.

"We the people" hold the power, not the politicians and bureaucrats
who think they do. They derive their power from us - whatever power
we decide to bestow upon them. It is this idea of limited government
that makes America unique among nations. "We the people" decide our
own fate, and chart our own course.

King George III laughed when he read Thomas Jefferson's Declaration
of Independence. He laughed even harder when George Washington took
the helm to lead American colonists into battle against hardened and
battle-tested British troops. But look who got the last laugh.


Nobody Beats Our Meat

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