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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Janis,

>>> Does that sound like a divider to you?

>> Actually, he was ignored ... worldwide ... and laughed away.

JK> This is what we've been try to tell Greg and his 'buds'..

All Americans love Donald Trump. Liberals, conservatives,
Democrats, and Republicans. Even those who are moderates or
independents love him, as he is truly one-of-a-kind.

>> Absolutely nothing was said in that speech,

JK> As in most of his drivel...

Donald Trump gives every American exactly what he/she has always
wanted - entertainment in its purest form.

>> If you want an inspiring inaugural address, watch JFK's on YouTube ... no
>> teleprompter needed.

JK> :)

Donald Trump has inspired more Americans than any President in history.
That is an absolute and indisputable fact. Not fake news.

JK> Well interestingly enough Bobby Kennedy's Grandson and JFK's Grandnephew,
JK> Joe Kennedy gave a rousing speech as the Democratic Party's response to
JK> Trumps SOTU.

JK> I'm sold Lol

Redheads always have more fun.
But ditzy blonds always win the day.

>> Lucky enough, this madness will be over in 3 years. I hope to live the dqy.

JK> We can hope...

The audacity of hope. And change. Well, not really sure
about the change ...


Pork. The One You Love.

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