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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Ward,

>>> If you want an inspiring inaugural address, watch JFK's on YouTube
WD> ...
>>> no teleprompter needed.

JK>> :)

JK>> Well interestingly enough Bobby Kennedy's Grandson and JFK's
WD> Grandnephew,
JK>> Joe Kennedy gave a rousing speech as the Democratic Party's response to
JK>> Trumps SOTU.


JK>> I'm sold Lol

WD> I watched both speeches. With Trump's I turned away to something else in a
WD> minute, maybe two. When such a public address starts you immediately get a
WD> sense of the potential ... more of the same of the past year. Hollow,
WD> nothing. I'm especially worried about the live-audience of
WD> career-politicians where many where clapping their hands because they were
WD> expected to ... they are Republicans.

WD> When I heard Joe Kennedy's opening statement, you immediately sensed
WD> "something" is going to be said. "This is going to be worth my time"

WD> Are these the first few seconds of the re-birth of Camelot? As someone
WD> who's old enough to remember the short Kennedy presidency whose promises
WD> were never allowed to bloom ... could it happen again ?

WD> I'm sold too.

WD> And from my Republican friends too I see they're scared Trump will only be
WD> one term ... they ought to rejoice the madness will be over in less than 3
WD> years.

Your Republican friends can relax. Trump will press that big red
button on his desk, wiping out little rocket man from wherever he is
hiding, and then hailed as a hero and be declared President for Life
by the American people.


As Good As It Looks

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