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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Janis,

>>> Based upon numbers counted by the National Park service. And numbers
>>> reported by Fox News, Reuters, The Associated Press, and every other
>>> media outlet.

>> It's not the size of the stick, it's how you use it that counts.

JK> Maybe it's those damn small hands that don't know where they're
JK> are too easily distracted.

You want to defeat Donald Trump? Here's how. Let him talk.
And talk. And talk. And talk. The man cannot help himself.
The more he talks, the more his job approval ratings plummet.
See how that works? And to think it has nothing to do with
his tiny hands ...

>> The Trump Administration has accomplished many things of greatness to date.

JK> The fact remains, he lied about how many people were there refusing to
JK> acknowlege the actual numbers.

Politicians never lie. They are just more expedient with the truth.

JK> Everyone on earth by now _knows_ this.

Trump is always right. At least in his own mind.

JK> Our president is a loser.

That may be. But he doesn't know that. So please.
Let him talk. And talk. And talk ...


We're Great In Bed

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