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SubjNo Peace Possible

Hello Gregory!

30 Jan 18 18:50, you wrote to me:

GD> On 01/30/18, Mike Miller said the following...

MM>> People point at Obama's "If you like your doctor, you can keep
MM>> your doctor". or Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with
MM>> that woman". or even Bush Jr.'s "Iraq has WMDs". All politicians
MM>> have lied.

GD> Donald Trump is not a politician,

So that means he's allowed to lie more, and we should give him a pass?

Also, since he now holds political office, he is, by the very definition, a

MM>> it sounds like it was cribbed from Bane's speech in "The Dark
MM>> Knight Rises" (Bane was not the "good guy" by the way)

GD> Yes, I know, I have seen the movie as I am huge batman fan.
GD> (even like stuff that was done in 1940's Batman.)

GD> As long as we are talking about comics here.
GD> It's kinda like people who hate Trump and his administration think of
GD> him as the Legion of Doom, and yourselves as the Superfriends.. Where
GD> as I see the anti-Trump people as the Legion of Doom -
GD> obstructionists.

I'm more of a Marvel guy myself, I always pictured Trump as a dumb Norman
Osborn, and Twitter is his Green Goblin costume. Fox News is The Daily Bugle,
and Spider-Man is <Insert today's champion of the left here>. Fox News
regularly calls today's left-hero a menace, while ignoring the fact that Norman
Osborne is the Green Goblin and everyone knows it.

GD> It is clear that we are never going to agree, but none the less I am
GD> glad you are here.

I have lots of friends that are right-leaning, and we can have thoughtful
discussions while still remaining friends. I have right-leaning tendencies (I
may have a small aresnal in my house), but swing widly left on things,
especially social issues. Some of them refuse to engage with me, as they
prefer to live in their right-wing bubble. I also have plenty of liberal
friends, and at least one or two of them are similar, they refuse to engage
with others that have different opinions and beleifs, because they want to live
in their own little hugbox where their ideas are echoed back to them.

I appreciate each one of my friends, no matter what their political opinion is.
I will engage with them, and try get them to see things how I see them, because
that is human nature.


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