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Hello Gregory!

29 Jan 18 21:42, you wrote to me:

GD> On 01/28/18, Mike Miller said the following...

MM>> Hello Gregory!
MM>> Based upon numbers counted by the National Park service. And
MM>> numbers reported by Fox News, Reuters, The Associated Press, and
MM>> every other media outlet.

GD> It's not the size of the stick, it's how you use it that counts.
GD> The Trump Administration has accomplished many things of greatness to
GD> date.

That's not the point. The point is, he started his first day in office out
with a blatant lie, and not even a good lie. He hasn't stopped since.

People point at Obama's "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor".
or Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman". or even Bush
Jr.'s "Iraq has WMDs". All politicians have lied. No politician has lied as
consistently and as poorly as Trump. He's a loser.

MM>> Trump's very words spread hatred and intolerance. He is the
MM>> great divider.

GD> Great divider? lets examine that a bit more closely shall we?
GD> Using his own words ..

[ snip ]

GD> Does that sound like a divider to you?

His words and actions since making that speech just over a year ago don't hold
up. Also, Those are Miller and Bannon's words (The White House confirmed that
the Inaugural address was written by them). Also, it sounds like it was cribbed
from Bane's speech in "The Dark Knight Rises" (Bane was not the "good guy" by
the way)


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