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> On 01/23/18, Ward Dossche said the following...

> One of the good things that does stand out in my memory is that Bill
BA> Clinton
> did balance the budget under his presidency.

BA> Democrats have been claiming that for decades. In point of fact the US
BA> national debt increased in every single year of CLinton's presidency.
BA> Therefore, spending must have exceeded revenues and the budget
BA> demonstrably was NOT balanced

It's a well documented fact the US govenrnment ran under a surplus from between
the years 1998-2001. Now this is not overlooking the Congress was held by the
Republicans but the truth is at that particular time the government was taking
in more than it was speding during that fiscal year to operate the government.

The debt is something totally different. One must take into account the
interest that debt is accruing, which, if you look at things objectively, we'll
never cover so if we go by your standards, why even have a budget?



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