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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Bob,

BM>>>> our 'forefathers' cam here illegally... and in reviewing
BM>>>> killed their hosts. Extrapolate that...

GD>>>> What are you talking about? killed their hosts?

>>> Damn... have you ever heard of Native Americans? You know, the
BA> indiginous
>>> people who now live in poverty (or as your moron would put it:
BA>>> shitholes) due
>>> to greed?

BA>>> Actually due more to government incompetence (which is redundant).
BA> You
BA>>> should have noted that the US government broke every single treaty it
BA>>> signed with the Native American tribes, often before the ink was
BA> dry on
BA>>> the signatures

>> OK.... the government, but tell me, who was running the government back
BA> then
>> (ancestors of illegals) and why did they break the treaties? Can wrap
BA> that all
>> up in one word... greed.

BA> Pretty much true. Same with the illegal invasion and conquest of the
BA> formerly independent kingdom of Hawaii in 1898

All water under the bridge. After Hawai'ians learned how
to properly farm pineapples, they gladly petitioned for statehood.
And the rest, of course, is history ...


Every Bottom Needs A Top

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