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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Bob,

WD>>> rules. A mostly already common currency was developed which eventually
WD>>> will overshadow the US$ and the Yuan as leading currency. 16 countries
WD>>> so far have banded together and there are no economic borders anymore
>>> Ward,

>> I've been hearing that drivel for years and years now. Even heard the
BA> same out
>> of you over 10 years ago if I remember correctly. Sure sounds like a
>> looooooooong run to that "eventual" outcome. It is no closer now to
>> overshadowing the dollar now than it was then.

BA> One big reason for Bush minor's invasion and conquest of Iraq was the
BA> fact that Saddam had decided to require payment for Iraqi oil in Euros
BA> rather than dollars.

GWB gave many reasons (excuses) for his war of aggression against
Iraq, including getting even with the Butcher of Baghdad for putting
a hit on his father. However, the real reason, if not the only
reason, for GWB's invasion of Iraq was his need to have a bigger
war than the short two-week affair the US had in Afghanistan.
After all, he had an election to win, and could no longer count
on having enough justices of the US Supreme Court to vote his
way. Especially with a popular war hero who actually fought in
Vietnam being his main opponent.

No wartime president has ever lost election to a second term.
GWB did not want to be the first. Remember, you are talking about
a guy who defended Texas from the Viet Cong by serving in the Texas
Air National Guard. No way was he ever going to allow the Iraqi
Air Force to bomb America, even if they had no airplanes.


Stop Workin', Start Jerkin'

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