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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Ward,

BA>> One big reason for Bush minor's invasion and conquest of Iraq was the
BA>> fact that Saddam had decided to require payment for Iraqi oil in Euros
BA>> rather than dollars.

WD> 100% correct my dear man. Very few Americans understand that conflict was
WD> fought over oil-revenues, not human rights, nor the safety of the US.

GWB's only real reason for invading Iraq was his need to be a wartime
president when running for a second term. His little excursion in
Afghanistan only took two weeks to settle, and he let the bad guy get
away. With John Kerry (a real war hero who served in Vietnam) as his
main opponent, GWB had no other choice but to start a war with a
dictator that the US (and most of the world) had been demonizing for

WD> If WMDs were really an issue, then American soldiers would have been
WD> on the statues of Kim Il- Sung and Kim Jong-Il in PyongYang years ago.

Are you suggesting President Truman should have allowed General
Douglas MacArthur to wipe out China after finishing off Korea?

Most political commentators give Donald J. Trump no chance in hell
of winning a second term. But do be aware that all it takes for
Donald J. Trump to win re-election is for him to push one button.

Not even Russian President Vladimir Putin has authority to act
on his own to push the button. But Trump does. And nobody can
stop him from doing so.

Scary, isn't it?

Sweet dreams.


We Put Big Loads In Tight Places

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