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Hello Bob,

>> One of the good things that does stand out in my memory is that Bill
BA> Clinton
>> did balance the budget under his presidency.

BA> Democrats have been claiming that for decades. In point of fact the US
BA> national debt increased in every single year of CLinton's presidency.
BA> Therefore, spending must have exceeded revenues and the budget
BA> demonstrably was NOT balanced

"Debts don't matter." ~Dick Cheney

When Bill Clinton left office, the federal government had
a budget surplus. Within eight months of taking office, GWB
had squandered the surplus, the federal government from that
point on being in deficit.

Debt and deficit are two very different things, and government
accounting is far different than the way regular business is
conducted. But one thing remains the same, for both government
and business alike. Borrowing against future generations to
pay for what you want now is not a sound policy for either.


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