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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Ward,

BA>>> thousands of US$ in $100 bills. Explanation ... "If we don't spend that
BA>>> money, our budget will be reduced next year. Sign here please".

BA>> Sounds like the US government.

WD> You need to understand the example I gave ... I got $15,000 in cash handed
WD> to me which for a lot of people would be a substantial portion of their
WD> annual expenditures, because "we need to spend it" ... there were like 40
WD> of us attending. $600,000 that could've been used well elsewhere, but it
WD> seems to be the nature of the beast. With hindsight, I should've refused,
WD> which would've effectively ended my UN participation.

For any organization to properly function, you have to grease
the wheel. Otherwise, things will fall apart.

WD> I tried to imagine the number of meetings the UN has. At the same time I
WD> concluded there were at least 7,000 people gainfully employed at the NYC
WD> who were doing nothing but paid by the general budget .... every country
WD> allowed a delegation of 70 (Belgium has 11) and nearly all the African,
WD> South American, Middle East and Far East countries use-up that number ...
WD> because they are entitled.

The UN is an organization that allows member-states to freely interact
with each other. Placing restrictions on what those member-states are
allowed to do defeats the very purpose of the UN itself.

WD> So if the fat would be trimmed of the UN, it would be way more useful that
WD> it is now.

Austerity is an evil that should be banned from both the known and
the unknown universe. Imagine what would happen if each member-state
was only allowed to have three delegates, all of them unpaid ...

WD> Shocking ...

A debating club at a local tavern might suit some folks ...


Nobody Beats Our Meat

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