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SubjRe: No Peace Possible

BA> > thousands of US$ in $100 bills. Explanation ... "If we don't spend that
BA> > money, our budget will be reduced next year. Sign here please".

BA> Sounds like the US government.

You need to understand the example I gave ... I got $15,000 in cash handed to
me which for a lot of people would be a substantial portion of their annual
expenditures, because "we need to spend it" ... there were like 40 of us
attending. $600,000 that could've been used well elsewhere, but it seems to be
the nature of the beast. With hindsight, I should've refused, which would've
effectively ended my UN participation.

I tried to imagine the number of meetings the UN has. At the same time I
concluded there were at least 7,000 people gainfully employed at the NYC HQ who
were doing nothing but paid by the general budget .... every country is allowed
a delegation of 70 (Belgium has 11) and nearly all the African, South American,
Middle East and Far East countries use-up that number ... because they are

So if the fat would be trimmed of the UN, it would be way more useful that it
is now.

Shocking ...


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