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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
> I would like nevertheless to add that the US is right in this sense
that the UN
> is too expensive and overspends. 2 examples.
> 1) I have worked for a while for the UN to co-prepare the 2002 summit
of heads
> of state in Johannesburg SA. A high-level meeting in Vail CO was cut
short for
> technical reasons by several days ... so I got an envelope with cash ..
> thousands of US$ in $100 bills. Explanation ... "If we don't spend that
> our budget will be reduced next year. Sign here please".

Sounds like the US government. Back when I was in the USAF, about a
month before the end of the fiscal year the bosses would come around and
ask us what we wanted to buy for the office. We had to spend the money
we'd been saving all year or the budget would be reduced the next fiscal
year. That sort of thing happened in just about every office, civilian
and military, in the US government - and that was 40 years ago.

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