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SubjNo Peace Possible

Hello Gregory!

28 Jan 18 18:10, you wrote to me:

MM>> bias has little to do with telling the truth. Trump lies. His
MM>> first day in office he claimed he had the biggest crowd at an
MM>> inauguration, ever. That simply wasn't true.

GD> Based upon who CNN?, what you fail to understand is that you were
GD> tricked into believing this nonsense, concerning the crowd size, this
GD> is not the only time that they have manipulated and even fabricated
GD> stories to fit their narrative.

Based upon numbers counted by the National Park service. And numbers reported
by Fox News, Reuters, The Associated Press, and every other media outlet.

GD> Do you not understand that most of the media in the U.S. are extension
GD> of the Democratic Party.

You keep insisting that I only pay attention to certain media outlets. I

GD> You want the truth, don't you? Why can't they report honestly.
GD> Answer: Hatred and Politics are involved and it is corrupting
GD> everything it touches.

Trump's very words spread hatred and intolerance. He is the great divider.
I've listened to his speeches (entire things, not soundbytes), read his
transcripts, and nowhere has he tried to bring people together. His twitter
account is always attacking someone, calling them names, or spreading lies.

GD> I do not see any issue with anything that Donald Trump and his
GD> administration is doing, we all strive for more money in our
GD> paychecks.

That's all you care about? Money? Looking out for #1, I guess.

GD> We no longer have a President who goes around finding fault with
GD> America, instead we have a President who loves America and it's people
GD> and wants people to secede.

Freudian slip? Because this statement appears to be far closer to the truth
than the one I imagine you intended.


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