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On 01/28/18, Mike Miller said the following...

MM> GD> Most of your message hinges upon telling the truth, yes like you I
MM> GD> have raised to tell the truth. So if it's telling the truth that you
MM> GD> seek, why are you listening or basing your opinion on news
MM> GD> organizations that have been proven to be bias and who do not tell th
MM> GD> truth, such as the liberal media.

MM> bias has little to do with telling the truth. Trump lies. His first day
MM> in office he claimed he had the biggest crowd at an inauguration, ever.
MM> That simply wasn't true.

Based upon who CNN?, what you fail to understand is that you were tricked into
believing this nonsense, concerning the crowd size, this is not the only time
that they have manipulated and even fabricated stories to fit their narrative.

Do you not understand that most of the media in the U.S. are extension of the
Democratic Party.

You want the truth, don't you? Why can't they report honestly.
Answer: Hatred and Politics are involved and it is corrupting everything it

I do not see any issue with anything that Donald Trump and his administration
is doing, we all strive for more money in our paychecks.

We no longer have a President who goes around finding fault with America,
instead we have a President who loves America and it's people and wants
people to secede.

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