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Hello Gregory!

28 Jan 18 00:10, you wrote to me:

GD> On 01/27/18, Mike Miller said the following...

MM>> So you support lying to get votes? Because those coal miners are
MM>> losing their jobs anyway. Lots of unskilled labor jobs are going
MM>> away. Kimberly-Clark just announced they're laying off 5500
MM>> workers.
MM>> I don't know about you, but I was raised to always tell the
MM>> truth. I have no respect for, and would never support someone who
MM>> lies almost every time he opens his mouth.
MM>> Trump isn't even a good liar. He lies and claims things that are
MM>> easily debunked on a near-daily basis.

GD> Most of your message hinges upon telling the truth, yes like you I
GD> have raised to tell the truth. So if it's telling the truth that you
GD> seek, why are you listening or basing your opinion on news
GD> organizations that have been proven to be bias and who do not tell the
GD> truth, such as the liberal media. There have been so many stories from
GD> undocumented sources many of them had to be walked back and retracted.
GD> This repeated failure must be frustrating, so maybe it is why other
GD> stories are created that are a complete and total fabrication.
GD> The destroy Trump media gets up each and every morning and thinks to
GD> themselves this could be the day where we get Trump on something big.
GD> What a useless existence.

bias has little to do with telling the truth. Trump lies. His first day in
office he claimed he had the biggest crowd at an inauguration, ever. That
simply wasn't true.

Media outlets who dare to call out The President for lying are attacked, and
labeled "FAKE NEWS". Fox news ignores the lies, for the most part, and skips
over them so as not to get on his bad side. Even the traditionally
conservative Wall Street Journal (Which I have a subscription to), will call
Trump out for lying.

Trump lies about simple, dumb things that can be easily checked.

"We're the highest developed nation taxed in the world"
Re: GOP tax plan "The biggest tax cut in US History"
"No, I don't benefit" - re: GOP tax plan
"We've signed more bills -- and I'm talking about through the legislature --
than any president ever."


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