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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
Hello Philip!

27 Jan 18 21:34, Philip Lozier wrote to Gerrit Kuehn:

GK>> PL> It says "often described as" not "always".

GK>> Well, so it is 90% isolationist, and 10% of something else...

PL> I don't know where you get 90% from.

This was a suggestion from my side. How do you quantify "often" vs. "always"?

GK>> Yes, I heard that. However, it is not true is several ways.

PL> Your opinion, with no solid base to support it.

Which is, again, your opinion.

GK>> So how come he is mad at Mr. Kim and the mullahs from Iran? Having
GK>> nuclear weapons is just "My nation first" to them, and it works: it
GK>> is scraring the shit out of other people and buys them a safer
GK>> future.

PL> America first. Eliminate any threats.

Exactly. So, how much sense does it make when Mr. President recommends "my
nation frist" to other leaders? None at all.

PL> BINGO!!! That's what he said!!! <<shaking finger at video of Trump
PL> as he
PL> says just that>>. You got it!

Nope, he said he does not want multilateral treaties anymore (like they are
now). He want them bilateral.

GK>> However, I think the whole conecpt of "nation" becomes more and more
GK>> irrelevant these days. Communications, trade, multi-national

PL> Anyway... if the concept of nation is irrelevant, then answer me
PL> this: Are
PL> there borders to the EU from those NOT in the EU? If so, they are
PL> acting as
PL> a "nation", even if they deny it.

Borders? Borders over here depend muchly on the Schengen treaty. Being a member
there is not equivalent with being in the EU.

Anyway, the next question is: what is a border? And where should it be? Why
can't we decide to have less of them?

GK>> You may like the EU or not, but it has brought us peace. The
GK>> "my-nation-first" attitude is fading ever since. From this point of
GK>> view, a "nation" is a rather artificial construction, especially if
GK>> you sharing the same language, culture and so on.

PL> From your line of logic, the EU is an ARTIFICIAL "nation" constructed
PL> of individual countries (states) with similar interests.

It is the next logical step in dissolving at least parts of the nation
characters (e.g., boders) that are joining in the EU. However, the EU is
growing ever since. Where are the limits?

PL> I'm sure the
PL> EU looks
PL> out for the interests of the EU before the interests of those outside
PL> of it...

Ah, I guess that's why we had Greece join back then, that's why they work on
getting Balkan countries in... er, no, unless "EU interests" is a rather broad
scope here, and not focused on a few parameters like money, taxes, borders, and


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